About Chip Timing


Jaguar Chip Timing,RFID Chip Timing for speed and accuracy:
RFID stands for radio-frequency identification. There have
been many applications for its use from inventory
management, pet identification and timing athletic events to
name a few. In this article we will discuss Chip Timing.

Also called transponder timing, chip timing, RFID timing, or tag
timing, it is a method for measuring time and place in athletic
events. An RFID Transponder is attached to the athlete and
sends a code that is detected by radio receivers.

Chip timing systems require that athletes wear a lightweight
chip that identifies them as they cross electronic mats or
antennas. The chip is typically attached to shoelace, an ankle
bracelet, or on the assigned bib number depending on the
system being used. Chip timing electronically collects and
processes results at the finish line.

Chip timing eliminates the problems with manual timing.
Mistakes in the results can be caused by confusing
multiple-chute finish areas, runners wearing the wrong
number, runners who get out of order in the chutes or
“bandits” (runners who have not registered). Also, because
the process of matching times to numbers is computerized,
human error is minimized, and results can be made available

As less expensive transponders have been produced, the
use of disposable tags has become more popular. The
technology is the same as a reusable tag, but the race does
not have to collect the chips at the finish line. Chips are now
available that can be attached to the athletes bib number. This
has the added feature of increased accuracy in being
recorded as the participants torso crosses the finish line as
apposed to the lead or trail foot, which sometimes leads to
incorrect place results.

RFID technology is evolving rapidly and finding more
applications for use. We will be finding it increasingly in use
throughout our daily lives.

Article research from Marathon Guide and Wikipedia.

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